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  • Dreamweaver


    Only the DreamWeaver is exclusively made with all authentic human hair. Experience the satisfaction of DreamWeaver, a top notch brand which brings a bold, yet soft and natural fashion statement.
  • ego hair


    The natural luster in EGO is retained because the cuticles are kept "alive" Bouncy - only young and healthy hair is used Unidirectional.
  • Milky Way Hair

    Milky Way Hair

    Milky Way is carefully developed for the sophisticated individuals who demand superior quality. It's uniquely treated to seal-in vital nutrients for a wonderfully soft, strong healthy hair to enhance manageability and longevity.
  • outre hair


    TOP CHOICE FOR QUALITY HAIR Outre has always been the preferred brand of hair for professionals and end-users alike. With quality that you can rely on, and innovative new developments that make styling easier and less time-consuming, Outre is a brand you can always trust.