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Scott's Beauty Supply is the professional beauty supplies retail stores.
Scott's Beauty team is always providing and finding the best supplies to our customers with affordable price. Please contact us or visit our one of the stores near you and get the most exclusive discounts on your beauty tools.
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We have Popular, Premium, Real, Styled and Synthetic Hairs for you to choose. All our selections will make you feel plenty of BEAUTY
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Top Choice for Quality Hair Outre has always been the preferred brand of hair for professionals and en-users alike. With the quality that you can rely on, and innovative new developments that make styling easier and less time-consuming, Outre is a brand you can always trust.
Milky Way Hair
Milky Way is carefully developed for the sophisticated individuals who demand superior quality. It's uniquely treated to seal-in vital nutrients for a wonderfully soft, strong healthy hair to enhance manageability and longevity. 
The natural luster in EGO is retained because the cuticles and kept "alive" Bouncy- only young and healthy hair is used Unidirectional.
Only the DreamWeaver is exclusively made with all authentic human hair. Experience the satisfaction of DreamWeaver, a top notch brand which brings a bold, yet soft and natural fashion statement.

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"I usually go to the Scott's Beauty store often with my friends for some supplies and wigs. Their staffs are honest and very helpful. The outside of the store seems small, but when you visit inside, you will be stunned by their huge selections of their daily supplies, jewelry, and hairs. If any of the stores are near you, you should visit the place."

Jeniffer Parker
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(410) 367-4584

5116 Park Heights Ave
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2324 Pennsylvania Ave SE
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